Ewes and babies grazing. Sissy is to the left.


Welcome 2021 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival guests!


Our flock is primarily Dorset with a few Perendale and Perendale crosses, as well. We just sheared in mid-April so we are still working our way through our fresh, 2021 fleeces.


Raw Fleeces:

Please see our photo album on our farm's Facebook page for current photos of our fleeces. All 2021 fleeces will include this year in the photo album title for that fleece.

We currently have an extensive selection of white Dorset fleeces and a llimited selection of Natural Colored Perendale fleeces. Fleeces are still being added online as we just finished shearing in mid-April.

All fleeces have been lightly skirted on shearing day. They have not been blanketed.

All fleeces were photographed under LED interior barn lights. I apologize for any odd discolorations. I included both flash and non-flash lighting to get a better representation of the fleece's natural colors.

Our Facebook Farm page is Glenrose Farms and our username from within Facebook is GlenroseFarms.


Currently out of stock at this time. Please contact us for more information.

Quilt Batting:

Currently out of stock at this time. Please contact us for more information.


Shipping is via USPS Standard or Priority MAIL unless the customer requests another shipping rate.

Due to our location and schedule, shipping via UPS or other such carrier is not currently feasible.

To order, please email us at info 'at' glenrosefarms dot com.

Payment by Paypal is arranged by invoice; payment by check is acceptable though shipment may not occur till check clears. Please contact us regarding other means of payment.

Our zip code is 24128.

About Dorset Fiber:

Dorset wool spins very easily and is an excellent choice for beginners as well as advanced spinners. It usually classes as a medium fiber diameter wool, wears well even in socks, is categorized as a Down wool, and is generally considered one of the softest breeds in the Down classification of wool types while still providing warmth-trapping loft.

We love Dorset wool particularly for sock yarn. It wears well and is very warm. Dorset wool also blends very well with a wide variety of wool types, but it especially blends well with mohair. Kid or Yearling Mohair blends beautifully with softer Dorset fleeces to make an outstanding yarn.

"Down" is a fleece type that refers to fleeces that are lofty, air-trapping, and very warm, with somewhat indistinct lock structure and minimal crimp in the raw fleece. There are many breeds of sheep with Down wool, most of them originating from the British Isles.

Traditional Dorsets, including purebred Production-style and Horned Dorsets, have Down fleeces, but Dorsets do not have as harsh a texture as many other Down breeds. The hand may be a bit crisp but is usually not harsh. It is commonly used for long-wearing socks, sweaters, and other outer garments as well as blankets where warmth-trapping loft is desired, but may also be worn against the skin by many people.

Additionally, some modern Dorset sheep now have a slightly softer fleece with a slight to moderate crimp and more distinct lock structure in the raw fleece, along with a finer texture. Softer Dorset wool makes excellent, warm sock and scarf yarn, retaining basic Down characteristics of warmth and durability but with a softer hand, slightly increased crimp, and slightly less loft.

Either type of fleece spins easily and takes dye beautifully with a light sheen. Many spinning instructors recommend it highly for beginners, but it is also sought after by experienced sock and sweater knitters who value Dorset wool for it's warmth and durability, among its many other attributes.