Alyson herding

Herding Lessons - Herding lessons are offered on a very limited basis, usually on the weekend, to a very limited number of students, usually to competitive clients. Laura does not train full-time anymore and is currently attending Graduate School. As such, she is only able to work with a very limited number of students.

She periodically offers instinct test sessions for interested parties and as a means of screening prospective students. Laura apologizes for being so unavailable for lessons, given the limited number of all-breed herding trainers in the region, but work/life balance is very important to her and her family, including her dogs who need and want to be worked as much as her clients' dogs. more

Herding Training - Glenrose Farms occasionally takes dogs in for training and trialing for those owners who are unable to herd with their dogs themselves, but would like their dog trained and/or trialed. However, we are not currently taking dogs in for training. more

Herding Judging - Laura Noll is a licensed AKC and AHBA herding judge and instinct tester, with many years' experience. She is available for judging on a limited basis. Please contact us for her availability.