Hope working sheep. Photo courtesy Debbie Reiter.

Sissy, pictured here at 8 months of age, is our new Livestock Guardian Dog. She is half Great Pyrenees and half Akbash and weighed 98 lbs at 6 months of age - she now weighs 125 lbs! She is very sweet but very serious about keeping predators away and guards our place 24/7. And by the way, she is no sissy. Sissy is short for "Sissiaki", or "The sister who looks like an Akbash!"

Sissy at 8 months

Sissy, pictured here at 13 months of age, has found an avocation. Every guardian dog should have a hobby, right?  She took to carting in an instant and looks like she will be quite the star! 

Sissy Carting