Hope herding Sheep. Photo courtesy Debbie Reiter.

Our First TRIPLE Herding Champion:

HC/HTCH/WTCH, and USBCHA Open dog, Glenrose Hannah

HC/HTCH/WTCH Glenrose Hannah, HXBs, HXBd, HXAd, HTDIIIs, HRDIIIs, ATDsdc, CS, CST, CI, CIT, TC, CGC (Prairie Star Ninja, HI and ADCH/FDCH Glenrose Ace, AX (WTCH Bridges' Flo x Bridges' Gary)) 

She is 3 generations of our breeding, a USBCHA Open dog, and one of our best trial dogs.  She is also our right-hand farmdog!

Glenrose Sophie (from Hannah's first litter and sired by Schroeder's Roy) qualified for the USBCHA National Nursery Finals for 2006 with handler Jennifer Clark-Ewers. She is owned and loved by Jim and Sherrie Gilson. Jim will take over her career again when he returns from extented business travels.

Glenrose Ceili (out of Hannah's second litter and sired by Steve Walternburg's XP Duece) is just starting her trialing career and is showing a real love of cattle work. She is fearless and loves to push cattle. She is also an lovely outrunning dog. She is our up and coming trial and ranch dog.

Hannah remains top dog here on the farm but she is now retired from trials. We are confident that Ceili will follow in her footsteps.

Hannah 09

Glenrose Hannah is OFA Excellent, eyes normal, thyroid normal, and hearing tested normal.