Laura with Paula Cingota's Piper. Photo courtesy Carol Delsman

March 1, 2004: Updates entire site layout and banner photos. No new information.

March 2, 2004: Replaced the photos on Tessa's page.

March 7, 2004: Updated Congratulations to our students page.

March 16, 2004: Added baby goat pics to Our Goats page. Changed banner on Angora Goats page.

March 21, 2004: Corrected HT pin image on the whatis page, added link to Barbados sheep on the index page and and links to facilities_sm, facilities_med and facilities_lg to the lessons page.

June 12, 2004: Added Barbs page to the sheep menu bar

Sept 15, 2004: Moved Sissy from active dogs to the memory page

Nov 16, 2004: Added Contact Page

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Feb 14, 2005 Added Instinct Test info, Beginning Herding FAQ, and Site Photo Index pages

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Jun 4, 2007 Removed Barb link and added "We no longer own goats" to the goat links

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